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The new album from San2 & His Soul Patrol comes at you like a muscle car of music history. Blues and Bebop detailing on a classic Soul chassis and with a lot of Rhythm & Blues under the hood. The 11 tracks are more polished and tight and yet less polite compared to the last record. San2 writes songs that he likes to hear himself having a great time at a party and he obviously doesn't care about musical stereotypes. He seems to combine old and new material completely freely and effortlessly using retro sounds that are in the moment of 2018. It is astonishing, as with all the joy of experimenting, that it was possible to create such a coherent and striking album, (or probably for that very reason.) Classic brass sections are replaced with a stylish Juno-80 synthesizer, harmonica and guitar. There are energetic unison riffs on wicked boogie rhythms and in between you'll find well crafted, dedicated ballads full of Soul. And above all that, the voice of San2 shines, immersed in a little slap delay and full of saturation. Full of life, love and passion. This is as good as it gets. Songwriting, sound aesthetics, lyrics - everything is right here.

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